Minor Slump

OK, the A’s seem to have hit a bit of a speedbump, just as things started to take an upward turn we go on a five game slide, getting swept by the Whitesox and a series defeat ‘gainst the Giants (god that was painful writing)

Thanks for the reply Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan. Surprised to see someone reading my musings. Unfortunately I’m in the Uk so inable to pick up anything on my cable network, but cheers for the heads up anyway.

Tonights game sees Halsey take the mound. The jury is still out on this guy, but he’s done an ok job as a fill in so far. Can’t get over the Johnson situation, considering how solid he was in his rookie season. Swisher is slumping but’ll still finish the season with 30HR’s imho.

Comic of the week:

It finally arrived, Raymond E. Feists Magician #1. Interior art looks nice, but I’m waiting for the regular covered version to arrive before reading it as I want to have the wrap version slabbed (ccg graded)

Magician_cover_renamed_17628 With regards sales in the shop, Civil War still selling well, Nova selling far more than the other Annihilation publications (with thanks to Dan for writing, and Russ for seriously plugging it to customers), 52 sales healthy, need restock on Secret Six (by far the best thing to come out of Infinite Crisis)

Lets Go Oak-land, Lets Go!!


New Reading

My tutorial into comics not relating to Teen Titans, Green Arrow, Batman or X-related continues.

I’ve recently been reading Transmetropolitan (which is absolutely F…ing brilliant, go read it now), Daredevil (Kevin Smith and Bendis – Smith was better on this than on GA, but still not great, Bendis = Good but not by any means amazing), Four Women (Sam Kieth, different, well worth a look, as is his current run on Batman Secrets), JTHM (ok, Jayne has been reading this, but shes liked it ALOT, and I’ve read bits that she has pointed out), Gregory (funny), Strangers in Paradise (ptooey, yuk) and Conan, Book of Thoth (pretty good for a sword and sorcery title)

Transmet SPIDER


End of ‘leave of absence’

OK, been an age since I posted anywhere, on the site, or in this blog. Mainly due to a lack of internet access, something that is now rectified with business broadband being installed in the shop.

The site has been hellishly quiet, except from in the comics section, during this time, so I’ll be getting down to posting bits and pieces relating to Vs, comics and general stuff on a nigh on daily basis.

My beloved A’s continue to struggle, though hopefully when those absent return from the DL and when Thomas stops batting below the Mendoza line things’ll improve. I still expect great things from Big Hurt, he’s shown us he still has the power, now we just need the consistency that can only come with time at the plate.Ph_123245

In addition to Vs it would now seem that running the shop, Yu-Gi-Oh has been forced upon me. The stuff sells like hotcakes and the club seems to be growing in popularity. We are having our first sanctioned tournament next Monday (29.06)

All this blogging business is a bit new

Thought that with me getting a bit more time on the PC again in the near future (if my modem ever arrives), I’d start one of these Blog do-hickeys.

The A’s were offering this on a free trial so it seemed like a good reason to have a blog in Kerry Green and Gold rather than having to change it to that colour scheme on a different blogsite.


With regards the A’s yesterdays game was a real disappointment, Z’s second good start of the year ending in a no decision for him despite him leaving at the end of the seventh with a 3-1 lead. The Duke is normally so reliable and he went into this game with an ERA of 0.00, so him giving up the lead came as a shock. Then heart in mouth time as we loaded them in the bottom of the ninth only to come up short. End result 7-9 record and a series loss to the Tigers.

Box Score

Busy day at the shop, the orders came in a day late this week due to the bank holiday monday. Plenty of titles I’m looking forward to reading, you can read a brief review of my first read, Bite Club, here.

5148_180x270There also seems to be a fair amount of interest in the Hobby League for Yu-Gi-Oh and Vs, so I organised a change of venue and evening to the Style and Winch every monday night, commencing from the 8th of May.

Also pleased to say that Russell has joined the website forums, under the username of Captain Opinion, with the intention of doing a number of comic reviews for me on the site.

Hopefully once the modem arrives I can get more active and start the ball rolling on the DandD PBeM again. My apologies to everyone for being so slow over the last couple of weeks, but the shop and my regular work have taken up a fair amount of time and for obvious reasons have had to take priority.