Early Spring Indications

OK, lets start with the positives

Rich Harden shows that the stuff is still there. Notching up the K’s. Just hope he can stay healthy throughout the season. If so we could see some seriously stellar numbers from this guy.

Bradley, needs to produce to this level regular season, especially with MK’s absence due to the back op

Scoot, best backup in the league.

Piazza seems up for it, swinging the bat well in early spring.

Buck and Barton would appear to be pushing for late season places if there Sac form is up to something


Joe Kennedy. Two starts, two blowouts. Not what I wanted to see from this guy, who I believe should be the A’s 5th starter.

Chavez – Slow start, apart from last season no news there.

Johnson – Here is someone that needed a good spring and the early indications would indicate there are still some issues to be resolved. Does this mean the possibility of Durazo at first, or will Swisher get all his playing time there instead of the OF

Kotsay. Ouch, that hurts, makes the acquisition of Shannon that much more important

Embree, Gaudin, Street, Witasick all with 0.00 ERA’s which despite being recorded over too small a number of innings to count for anything, still bodes well for the bullpen

In the Shop

Captain America is dead! Not so big a deal when you realise that Marvel will find some way to bring him back in the near future

The comic adaptation of Se7en gets better and better. Retelling the story from the perspective of both the killer and the victims, it  acts as a nice companion to the film.

Ran a Warmachine demo in the shop last weekend, and although weathe rkept the turnout low, I can’t stress how impressed I am with this game. The system is great, figures are to die for, history of the world setting is well fleshed out but best of all sales are terrific. I played my first game of it and I am really looking forward to getting more involved.


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