Boy, Have I been Lazy

How long since I last posted.

We were two and a half games back then, and have since taken a lead in the division (at one point  eight and a half games, currently five and a half).

Frank Big Hurt has continued to be the biggest steal of the year with regards contract. Who’d have thought we’d see a nigh on 40HR season and a lock in 100RBI season from the veteran. Chavvy gradually seems to be getting his stroke back, albeit without his usual power and the pitching (ignoring the starters in the last six outings) have been stellar. Loaiza in August…ouch!

I’ve taken the opportunity to watch a few more games recently, whenever the time difference has allowed me to get to bed prior to 5am. The team appear to have a ‘buzz’ about them reminiscent of when we made the playoffs with Giambi and co a few years back. The difference being this year being more of a team effort rather than a handful of stars.

The shop has been busy, although I’ve taken a few weeks off from running YuGiOh tourneys now the kids are back at school.

Comics to look out for:

OK, heres another title that I’m not sure in which direction it is going to go. We have lead character, David Kohl, who has a ‘magical?’ ability to manipulate people that appears to tie in to music. He designates himself as a phonomancer.
The issue details his visit to a predominantly female frequented music venue, with his intention primarily to get laid. The visit goes horribly wrong, due to his encounter with ‘the goddess’
It looks like Image may have a bit of a sleeper hit with this one as is dead original and fresh.
And to help out those not aufait with various indy bands, there is a convenient glossary of terms at the back of the issue.
Worth a look, and there aren’t many Image titles I’ll say that about (Walking Dead, Invincible and Sam and Twitch beinvg the exceptions)

The Creeper #1 and #2
I loved Steve Niles’ work on 30 days of night and here we have him taking up the reins of a ‘lesser’ DC title. He really seems to have nailed it with regards getting inside the head of both the Creeper and Jack Ryder. I’m left waiting in anticipation for the remaining 4 issues of this mini series.

The Boys #1 and #2
Garth Ennis at his best. The title to out preacher Preacher. Hard Hitting, dark, funny, brutal.
Go read it!

Civil War Delays
Civil War #4 and all related titles have been delayed till the 20/09/06. The best selling title in the shop and we get a 5 week delay. Add in the fact that the backlash is the Marvel rack is somewhat thin, this hurts. However all will be forgiven if Marvel meet the re-scheduled date and it continues in its top notch vein.


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