Change of Fortune?

Alot of things give me reason to be optimistic. The A’s have bagged six of the last 8 to move back within 1 game of a .500 record, 2 1/2 back from Texas. During this change in form a number of things have given us reason to be pleased. Thomas gives hitting roundtrippers, Dan Johnson appears to be getting some form back.

And then we come to Loaiza. I know its only one outing but his control the other night was awesome. I watched the game on and couldn’t believe how good he looked. HIs gameplan is simple, and with the speed of his fastball back up to 88-90, his cutter and changeup were now effective. He spent the whole game ahead in the count and to be honest cruised through his seven innings.

Streets stuff has seemed crisper over his last couple of outings and hopefully Kiko Calero is turning into a good setup man.

We were at the Yankee stadium last night with Haren facing Johnson. I watched up to the rain delay and we looked good despite the makeshift lineup. No Chavez, no Johnson, no Ellis, no Crosby. Rouse making his debut. Throughout the game Haren looked good exceptg for his high pitchcount. He ran into trouble by loading the bases when he was pulled, with teo outs but Gaudin bailed him out.

Ph_425452 Rouses ML debut will be one for him to remember, with him going 3-3 with a walk. Way to go minor league journeyman!

If we can stay with Texas with so many of our starters, both in the bullpen and starting lineup, oh yeah and Harden (back on the DL after 1 outing), then we should theoretically run away with it if we can get them fit again.

Away from Baseball I was happy to see that a strategy game that I thought had died, Battletech, is still alive and well with a different publisher. However it does mean that I’ve got a ton of publications to buy from the years that I’ve missed thinking it was now defunct. Looks like I can get my Kuritan forces out again, not sure when I’ll get the time to paint any new miniatures thoughDraconis_combine_logofull

In the comic shop, Civil War from Marvel , continues, quite clearly with the intention to surprise. It would appear that Spidey is going to unmask (way to go Russell for predicting this an age ago). Civil War Frontline looks like it’ll be a good title not just a riding the gravy train publication.

And finally I couldn’t go without mentioning the world cup (soccer). Basically we’re now going to be subjected to weeks of loutish behaviour, excused under the guise of patriotism. I’ll be pleased when its all over. On a better note though, I can watch the A’s on MLB.TV whilst the England game is on.




    First, you have heard the English Football(soccer) song. There is a video about the song on As a Latino in the U.S., Baseball and World Cup is the best time for being a sports fan. Second,the A’S beat the Yanks again with Frank Thomas “Big Hurt”-ing Mussina with two-run homer, and Rouse had RBI single. Third, I have read the Fantastic Four’s first issue in Civil War series I like it, but I want to see the Spidey’s title take on.

    Let’s Go Eng-land!!

    Viva Brasil!!


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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