Count on Z

Ph_217096_1 Zito continues to pitch through May in the same vein he pitched the latter half of last season, top notch. His efforts, combined with a few of the A’s connecting with the lumber (we bagged 12 hits), meant the seven game skid is at an end and our streak now stands at W1.

The last thing we needed was to be staring down a win-loss ratio looking like last years, where despite an amazing run in the latter half it was always too little too late.

The new sign has arrived for the shop and my father-in-law will be fitting it tomorrow, which’ll be great, as the shop will now officially be The Grinning Demon, rather than Whatever Comics.

Hopefully I’ll have photos once its mounted.

Reading: Nothing, sorted a load of old 80’s Marvel stuff though, which’ll find its way to the sale bins.

Music: Mainly cheesy rock power stuff, was feeling nostalgic, so was listening to Heart, believe it or not.




    Tomorrow, seems to be great day with “Z” pitching and new comic books come out due to Memorial Day. Plus, Jason Kendall hit a home run today. Did Jason’s x-gene finally mutated?


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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